About This Site

(Updates on Tuesdays and whenever we get all excited about something)

Eating My Words has been in the works for a long time. When you start obsessively hoarding thousands of recipes and sketching out ideas for cake decorations despite the fact that you don’t even own piping bags and just steal your roommate’s, it’s pretty apparent you should start a cooking blog, if only to stop yourself from going completely bonkers. So here it is. My attempt to not go bonkers.

Eating My Words is collaborative. My twin and my friends will be posting their own recipes and musings as well, each with their own flavour (read: my twin intends to post Dada improv recipes, most likely in the style of Myles NaGopaleen). It’s my hope that Eating My Words can be many things: intellectual musings (I am, after all, a PhD student, so don’t say I didn’t warn you), forays into new flavours, strange structures to allow for the inclusion of fondant dragons in everything, and probably a few enjoyably entertaining cooking fails. Occasionally I’ll cook something inspired by my own dissertation or research. There may be a cake based on Russian architecture, or stemming from the colours and design of the Ballets Russes (Natalia Goncharova cake, anyone?).  Above all, we hope that you enjoy, make some delicious things, and are, occasionally, inspired and/or confused by our ramblings.

Don’t forget to make yourself a cup of tea.